What is hum.us?

  • It is your coffee bar, restaurant and refreshment point: here you can find wholesome, genuine, home cooked food from breakfast to dinner, including takeaway!
  • It is your study room: here you can hang out any time you like and use the areas we have created especially to give you a place to work and study
  • It is a meeting place: we love being among people, and this is why we have created a free, open space
  • It is a place you can change: by taking part in (and even organising!) workshops, events, get-togethers and meetings
  • It is where you can make friends and cultivate relationships, where you can relax, where you can contribute and share your experience
  • hum.us is, but most of all, it will be. In fact, we designed this space in such a way that it can freely evolve thanks (also) to you

What can you do at hum.us?

  • Well, first of all, you can eat, obviously! Every day good, genuine, home cooked food made with passion!
  • hum.us was created to provide you with a space where you can spend your day working, studying or socialising. What are you waiting for?
  • We want hum.us to be shaped by you: send us your suggestions by filling in the cards provided or via mail. You can really change things!
  • We aim to be an ‘affinity space’, that is, a place in which things happen. We don’t want to be the ones who decide how it should be; we want you to decide for us. What do you suggest?
  • At hum.us you can organise a book reading, you can hold a mini guitar concert or get together with your friends to watch a sports event!
  • Do you want to discuss topical events with us or your fellow students? We are at your complete disposal. Let’s change things together!